-About Us-

Making management simpler

We believe in working smarter not harder

Our story

Managing safety, quality, risk and compliance can be challenging and complex.

It demands visibility across teams and departments and requires clarity on what needs to be done, by when and by whom. We’ve worked with organisations for over 10 years and we’ve experienced, first hand, the challenges of working with systems that don’t ‘pull their weight’ and help us to manage everyday tasks. We believe there’s a way that systems can be better organised to help manage these challenges.

We believe management can be simpler. It’s working smarter not harder, and finding the shortest path to done. It’s delivering visibility and having access to insights that boost productivity. It’s about working with just what you need and nothing that you don’t. It’s about concentrating your efforts where they’re needed. You need all of these things on your side. You need them together, at the same time and in one place.

You need a centralised hub of information and insight, a single point of truth. A point of convergence, a place where the dots connect.


What we do

LOGIQC is a healthtech company providing SAAS products and consultancy services to the health and related sectors in the fields of quality management, accreditation, corporate governance, and risk.

Who we work with


The strength of our relationships with people, partners and clients is central to our success and a integral part of our approach. We work with a range of partners, suppliers, and clients across Australia and New Zealand, many who are themselves leaders in their fields.

In Australia our key suppliers are Brennan IT (cloud partner) and Dialog/Icemedia (development partner). In New Zealand our cloud management and hosting services are provided by CNS and Vocus Communications.

Our clients include NGO’s, Day Hospitals, Specialist clinics, GP Practices, and Primary Health Care Services. In New Zealand we also enjoy partnerships with a number of Primary Health Organisations.

Expertise and capability

LOGIQC Pty Ltd is certified against the international quality standard ISO 9001 quality management systems – Requirements and was a finalist in the 2012 SAI Global Small Business Systems Excellence Award.

Our staff hold qualifications in Applied Sciences, Business Administration, Auditing, Integrated Risk Management, Occupational Health and Safety, and Workplace Assessment and Training. Our customer services staff provide client services, helpdesk and on-boarding. With more than 4000 licenced users of LOGIQC QMS across Australia and New Zealand, we are proud of our >97% average customer satisfaction rating.

Our cloud services and software development providers are certified and accredited against a range of industry and international standards.

Our history

Established in 2006 and based in Brisbane Australia, LOGIQC Pty Ltd has built a customer base in all states and territories across Australia and in New Zealand.

In 2006-11 maintained a strong relationship with the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing to assist with the development of risk and quality management frameworks relevant to Indigenous health funded organisations.

In 2010, we released the LOGIQC Quality Management System, cloud-based software for managing safety, quality and risk and aligned to the requirements of ISO 9001. The LOGIQC QMS has now been implemented by more than 150 organisations in the Primary Health Care, Day Hospital, NGO and Community Service sectors.


Our values

We focus on:

Our customers

The LOGIQC quality management system is never finished. The success of our product is tied to the relationships and dialogue that we have with our customers and stakeholders. We actively seek customer feedback to help us continue to build and evolve a product that best meets their needs.


It may seem obvious that we should aim to be efficient, but in our case it’s both obvious and doubly important. The way we respond, provide support and communicate with our customers and stakeholders should reflect the attributes of the LOGIQC quality management system.
Efficient and organised are our watchwords. We are prompt with our responses, and our attention to detail should be second to none.

Making it simple

Consumer expectations for a streamlined, seamless and coherent experience are rising and our communications and interactions should be crafted with this in mind.
Our support, advice and the tools that we build should always be relevant, precise and customer-focused. Our work should add value for the customer.


Corporate Social Responsibility

LOGIQC recognises its responsibility towards the community and the environment (both ecological and social) in which it operates and expresses this commitment through: developing products which promote transparency and accountability in business processes; supporting ecological sustainability through developing products that aim to reduce waste, such as the use of paper, and by contributing philanthropically, including monetary donations and support-in-kind to non-profit organisations that have a commitment to education and social development.

Incorporated into our business model is a range of self-regulatory mechanisms whereby LOGIQC monitors and ensures its active compliance with the spirit of the law, ethical standards and national or international norms. LOGIQC Pty Ltd is committed to developing safe, high-quality products that support organisations (its clients) to implement social responsible practices in an environment which supports accountability and transparency.LOGIQC Pty Ltd will also consider the behaviour of our suppliers and how they may impact on our clients and their overall impact on society.


Quality policy

LOGIQC Pty Ltd provides products and services aimed at improving business outcomes for its clients.
LOGIQC Pty Ltd provides products and services aimed at improving business outcomes for our clients.
We strive to deliver high quality software products and services that continually meet or exceed client expectations.

We seek to achieve this aim by:

Providing secure, reliable and effective software systems for managing safety, quality and risk;
Actively engaging customers to inform design and development of the LOGIQC QMS;
Exceeding industry benchmarks in responding to software support requests;
Supporting our clients to implement a quality management system, which:
-complies with ISO 9001 and applicable industry standards
-provides a governance framework to support the management of the QMS
-creates organisational structures and processes needed to support the QMS
-builds and sustains a culture of excellence in their operations.

To ensure we meet our policy aims, we operate and maintain a quality management system compliant with AS/NZS ISO 9001.
Our quality management system covers all aspects relating to the products and services delivered by the LOGIQC Pty Ltd team and our partners.
Our success in implementing this quality policy is measured by evaluation against our quality objectives and through the satisfaction of our clients and other interested parties.