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LOGIQC for Comprehensive Care practices

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Special offer for Comprehensive Care practices to access the LOGIQC Quality Management System


Comprehensive Care funds and supports over 500 doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and other General Practice team members.
In 2017 as part of its Information Management Strategy, Comprehensive Care has partnered with LOGIQC to provide its practices with access to innovative cloud based systems for managing quality, safety, risk and accreditation.
The LOGIQC QMS provides practices with integrated on-line registers to help achieve and maintain Cornerstone™ Accreditation and to support quality improvement.
To register your interest and to receive updates about this initiative, click ‘Enquire’ at the top of the page. Just fill in your details and note in the message field that you are a Comprehensive Care practice. To order LOGIQC click on ‘Order Now’ below.

The first two practices to order LOGIQC will receive training at no cost saving up to $1,000.


As a Comprehensive Care practice, you have access to special pricing which is less than 50% of the standard cost. In addition, you receive unlimited licences which means that you can share the benefits of the system with all staff.

Practice enrolment size

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  • Prices are guaranteed not to increase for a minimum of two years.
  • The first two practices to order the system will receive training at no cost.


If you have decided to implement LOGIQC in your practice, click the ‘Order now’ button below (Note: the billing details only relate to optional extra registers you may want in addition to the base system).

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Through this special offer, Comprehensive Care practices can access a LOGIQC QMS preconfigured and ready to go ‘out of the box’ with suggested content relating to practice audits and other tasks based on the requirements of the Aiming for Excellence standard and the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

The LOGIQC QMS provides practices with integrated on-line registers to help achieve and maintain Cornerstone™ Accreditation and to support quality improvement.

  • Simplify compliance and save time. Easily conduct self-assessments against standards and generate evidence reports for assessors.
  • Control and track risks and hazards. Identify, monitor and mitigate clinical and business risks and hazards and ensure compliance with legislation.
  • One simple system for incident and complaints management. Easily report and manage issues in the practice.
  • Organise and protect key documents. Ensure your policies, procedures and forms are protected, version controlled and easily accessible by staff.
  • Drive improvement. Schedule required audits, get automatic reminders, generate improvement actions and track results.
  • Manage training. Schedule reminders to attend training and upload certificates.

The LOGIQC system provided through the Comprehensive Care + LOGIQC partnership includes the following registers:

  • Choice of modules for Accreditation or Risk/hazard management
  • Document register
  • Audit register
  • Incident register
  • Feedback/complaints register
  • Improvement register
  • Training register

This special offer for Comprehensive Care practices means you receive unlimited user licences, access to the system at a greatly reduced price and free training to get you started.

Using LOGIQC QMS to provide evidence in the QA2QI on-line tool for the CORNERSTONE® accreditation and Foundation certification process.
If a practice uses LOGIQC QMS throughout the year to store documentation and manage quality, safety and risk, much of the evidence required to support CORNERSTONE® accreditation and Foundation certification will be in the LOGIQC QMS.
The RNZCGP is aware that users of LOGIQC QMS may choose to simply enter the unique LOGIQC ID# into the evidence column in the QA2QI on-line tool instead of uploading actual documents.
This means that evidence already uploaded to your LOGIQC QMS does not have to be re-uploaded to the QA2QI on-line tool.
Practices choosing to do this will provide a LOGIQC login to the Assessors, either College (CORNERSTONE) or PHO assigned (Foundation) so the evidence can be examined.
LOGIQC QMS comes with a free user account for Assessors to view evidence.
If you choose the Accreditation Module, your LOGIQC QMS comes pre-loaded with the requirements of relevant standards.
The Accreditation Module allows practices to conduct a self-assessments against each indicator of the standard, export an evidence report for assessors, and generate an action plan for improvement.
Accreditation evidence reports can be easily exported to Excel and emailed to assessors prior to the on-site practice assessment or simply provided to the assessor for review on the day.
This should reduce the time required for your practice to prepare for assessments and should also make things smoother on the day because the required evidence is easily accessible and all in one place.