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ProCare practices agree - LOGIQC saves time and makes it easier to manage safety, quality and risk


Cloud based software for managing accreditation, compliance, safety and risk.

LOGIQC for ProCare Practices is compliant with the RNZCGP Aiming for Excellence Standard (CORNERSTONE and Foundation) and the Health and Safety At Work Act 2015.

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With LOGIQC, you pay monthly and there’s no contract lock-in.


Start with a basic system for accreditation and document control:

The Accreditation Register allows you to link all the evidence in LOGIQC to the Cornerstone or Foundation standard and simply generate an evidence report for the assessor. You can also complete a self-assessment and generate an action plan with actions delegation to the right staff. The system also comes pre-loaded with content designed specifically for practices needing to comply with the requirements of the Standard.


Easily maintain version control and review of all your policies and procedures and never lose a key document. The Documents Register is a central library for key documents that have been approved for use in the organisation such as policies, procedures, templates and forms.

Then add-on additional registers for managing safety and quality:

The LOGIQC Incident Register helps you to ensure that adverse events are reported and managed effectively in accordance with operational and statutory requirements. All organisations have a duty of care to ensure that employees, and any other person who may be affected by the organisation’s services, remain safe and have a safe place to work.


Monitor the performance of your organisation with LOGIQC’s Audit register. Auditing is at the heart of the quality improvement process as it is the mechanism by which the organisation assesses its compliance and achievement against set requirements and performance goals.


Improvement and innovation are central to an organisation’s ongoing success. The Improvement register promotes a culture of quality improvement and supports the organisation to take action in response to staff suggestions and reported issues relating to service delivery or business processes


An organisation striving for excellence will be responsive to feedback and focused on how it’s managed. Ensure patient feedback and complaints are reported and managed effectively in accordance with standards. All staff will have access to simple and quick complaints and patient feedback reporting.

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Read about The Fono’s experience

fono logo

The Fono provides affordable medical, dental, pharmacy, health promotion, social services, education and Whanau Ora services. They deliver a combination of these services across five Auckland locations in Henderson, Manurewa, the city, Blockhouse Bay and Northcote, and a Northland Pacific Whanau Ora service in Kaikohe.

The Fono is a proven leader in delivering health outcomes for the people who need it the most, fostering well, safe, vibrant and informed communities.

The challenge

The Fono, like most practices, were looking for effective ways to streamline compliance and accreditation processes and reduce the time spent organising and retrieving information. They needed a way to manage document control and have access to better analytics about what needs to be done, by whom and by when.

Having multiple sites was also a key driver to implement a system for easy and secure access to central documents and systems. A big question was how to ensure the system not only helps with compliance but actually underpins improvements to patient safety and care.

fono 1

The solution

The Fono chose to implement the LOGIQC Quality Management system to address their needs around document management, incident reporting, accreditation, risk management, and continual improvement. LOGIQC QMS gave The Fono a ‘one-stop-shop’ integrated system for a number of systems that will also make things easier when it comes to accreditation and providing evidence.

It’s not all as easy as it sounds though. While LOGIQC is easy enough to use, the harder aspect of the project is implementing change into the organisation and the work involved in doing that. While we do ultimately need good systems and good technology supporting us, the main learning that The Fono can share with others is to approach the project like you would any other project. It needs planning, time and allocated resources. The people at LOGIQC also provide good support at the strategic level to help with this.

After just a short time The Fono now has more than 150 of its policies and procedures on the system which means that these documents are centrally located, secure and protected from change, and easily available to all staff. And LOGIQC will now handle the email reminders to update them in a year or two so that’s one task now that is fully automated.

fono 2

Committed to quality

eastmed logo

Eastmed Doctors is a Cornerstone Accredited General Practice, located within a purpose built modern integrated medical centre at St Heliers in Auckland, New Zealand.

Eastmed provides a wide range of general practice services (http://www.eastmed.co.nz/)

The challenge

Eastmed Doctors needed to ensure their systems were robust and reliable as well as streamlined to minimise the compliance burden. In particular, Eastmed Doctors were looking for ways to help manage general practice accreditation documents and automatic auditing capabilities.

The solution

Eastmed Doctors chose to implement the LOGIQC Quality Management system to address their need for a consistent database and a recall/reminder system that works automatically in the background and doesn’t rely on the constant attention of staff.

Eastmed Doctors are highly committed to embedding effective quality and management systems into their practice and have gone beyond the standard ProCare/LOGIQC package. Their system is configured for:

-Document and contract management

-Contract and compliance management

-Incident and patient feedback reporting

-Audit scheduling

-Equipment repairs and maintenance

-Accreditation and risk management

They are on their way to achieving their goal –  “our patients should benefit through more reliable and consistent services. And our partners should benefit by being able to focus even more on the patients knowing that the back-office is looking after itself.”

Do practices think that LOGIQC will save time with Foundation and Aiming for Excellence?

LOGIQC will help streamline the documentation and auditing by having everything in one place to make the accreditation process a little easier.

LOGIQC can be set up to notify and alert users through email for incomplete tasks. There’s less risk of missing something. It will be almost like I have a personal assistant!

LOGIQC is a one-stop-shop for management of all registers and allows for easier management of task follow up, easy access to all documents for staff and good document control features.

88.9% of practice staff surveyed felt that LOGIQC will save time in preparing for and maintaining compliance with Foundation and Aiming for Excellence standards.

88.8% of respondents felt that LOGIQC is easy to use.

What problems can LOGIQC help to solve?

Version control of key practice documents

Your practice is growing and getting busier and it’s getting harder to ensure that the latest versions of policies are available to staff. LOGIQC is a simple and secure online system for managing key documents in your practice such as policies, procedures, forms and manuals. This means that you can organise your documents into a simple searchable library that all staff can access and changes to documents are only allowed through an electronic workflow that ensures the designated owner of the document has the final say.

Compliance with standards

Requirements for audits are increasing and your practice manager is spending more and more time doing paperwork. LOGIQC and ProCare have worked together to ensure that LOGIQC includes all the audits you need to do to meet Foundation and Aiming for Excellence requirements. All you need to do is use the scheduling feature to set when you want audits done and who needs to do them. LOGIQC takes care of sending automatic reminders and tracking audits that have been done, the audits that are overdue and the audits that are coming up. LOGIQC also holds the audit templates and reports and can manage improvements arising from the report. You can also expand your LOGIQC system to help manage other compliance requirements such as equipment maintenance, HR, credentialing and reporting.

Managing health and safety at work

The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA) is New Zealand’s workplace health and safety law. Included in this new law are increased obligations for practice owners and managers to ensure that incidents and risks are managed appropriately. LOGIQC includes a pre-populated risk register aligned to the Act and an incident and complaints management system so all staff can report issues and adverse events easily and quickly into the system and practice owners and managers are immediately notified via email.